Islamic State is on Irretrievable Path & will be Terminated Completely: Brett McGurk

A senior U.S official Brett McGurk issued a statement on Thursday that the U.S armed forces and its international allies are fighting against the ISIS (Islamic State) and they have achieved a significant amount of targets in recent days, especially the liberation of Mosul. They are now planning for rehabilitation and reconstruction in the destructed areas after the termination of extremist groups in Iraq and Syria. The U.S special envoy to the coalition against the Islamic State militants, Brett McGurk said on Thursday that fighting will continue in some areas around the Syrian city of Raqqa and other IS active forces areas. He further added that the ISIS and Daesh organization are irretrievable and they are being defeated by strong U.S allies. The U.S armed forces and its partners from 72 anti-coalition countries are moving forward with perfect planning and coordination. McGurk and other senior U.S officials participated in 3-days coalition meetings said that the fight in Iraq and Syria will not be affected by the current diplomatic crisis.

Islamic State is on Irretrievable Path & will be Terminated Completely: Brett McGurkPoint to be noted that the current diplomatic crisis rose in the Arab region since early June 2017, when Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain cut their diplomatic and commercial relations with Qatar. Saudi Arabia and other 3 countries alleged Qatar for funding extremism. The authorities in these countries demanded from Qatar to downgrade its relations with Iran. Qatar has been considered the major opponent of Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. Qatar has rejected their demands and denied their allegations for supporting and financing terrorism in any way. It is important that all these Arab states including Qatar are members of international coalition against the Daesh organization and Islamic State group. McGurk further indicated that the split between Saudi Arabia and Qatar will not reflect any impact on professional military relationships in the anti-terrorism campaign against ISIS.

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