Iraq’s gross domestic product increased up to 10 percent

Iraq’s gross domestic product increased up to 10 percent


BAGHDAD – time to draw economic expert on behalf of Anton, Wednesday, to an increase in gross domestic product in Iraq, up to 10 percent. Anton said in a statement to “time”, said that “it is known that the gross domestic product consists of multiple economic outcomes, including the country’s wealth and the agricultural sector, industrial and tourism.”

He added that “there is an increase in GDP of up to 10 percent, is the result of one activity is oil rents winning consisting of increasing the amount of oil pumped annually,” pointing out that “no, we can harness these increases in other productive sectors will create Login different reduce dependence on oil revenues and the risks posed by “.

He stressed that “if we do not invest in other sectors, well we can not invest the moneyand do not have her management,” noting that “this increase will impact positively on theeconomic growth of the country, provided their investment, otherwise we will rely on one sector and do wrong the rest of the sectors.”

“If we were able to turn part of the crude oil to petrochemical manufacturing industries may achieve a good jump.”

She Analyzed economic Courtney Trinot from the University of Onakung Australian, in a study it published site Arap Bzenz and shared it with “time”, that Iraq had the highestgrowth rates of GDP for any economy above the rate of 50 billion dollars, and put in the IMF ahead of the countries such as China and India, Libya and Qatar, “indicating that” This phenomenal growth rate depends entirely on the oil left with small percentages estimated 10% confined to the scope of a small private investment currently taking place in the country

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