Iraq will Offer 157 Projects in the Kuwait International Conference

The Iraqi National Authority for Investment has announced its objective in offering 157 projects regarding investment in the International Conference of donors. The Conference will especially be conducted regarding the reconstruction in Iraq and it will take place in Kuwait during current month. The press statement has indicated that 157 projects will be presented from all Iraqi economic sectors for investors attending the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction in Iraq. The event will be held on 12 to 14 February 2018 in Kuwait. The projects will be offered with more workable and efficient strategy. Some of the major areas for investment projects include Oil and Gas, Transport, Agriculture, and Housing. There are some more focused strategic projects that will be offered for investment including Fertilizer and Petrochemicals, Airports, Railways, Tunnels, and Highways sectors.

Iraqi will Offer 157 Projects in the Kuwait International ConferenceIraq will also present some medium projects including Education, Health, Engineering, Agriculture, Trade, and Tourism. It is important that more than 70 countries has been registered and scheduled their participation in the International Conference on Reconstruction in Iraq and. The Conference is purely dedicated to present investment opportunities in Iraq. It is expected that at least 100 billion U.S dollars will be collected to reconstruct the areas liberated from the control of Daesh. The Iraqi government earlier announced that there is an essential need at least 100 billion U.S dollars to reconstruct the liberated areas in the North and West of the country. Most of the infrastructures in the Iraqi provinces, which was under the control of Daesh organization have been destroyed badly, including electricity, education, health, and various others.

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