Iraqi Supreme Court ordered for Manual Counting of Votes: IHEC

The recount and manually sorting have been decided by the Independent High Electoral Commission. The process will be according to the decision of Iraqi Federal Court. An urgent meeting will take place by the Board of Commissioners of the selected judges. They might discuss the 3rd amendment to the elections law of the Iraqi Council of Representatives No. 45 of 2013. It will be according to the decision of Iraqi Supreme Court No. 98/104/106 of 2018, ordered on June 21, 2018. It contains that after finding proves irregularities in gathering those votes such as forgery and other criminal offenses affecting the transparency of elections, the manual sorting and counting process will take place according to the Article 1 of the 3rd Amendment Law of the elections for the Iraqi House of Representatives. Other votes that are not found harmed and obtained properly and legally without any wrongdoing and not mentioned in the official report will be restored as they are.

Iraqi Supreme Court

The statement also said that there isn’t any kind of requirement for the counting and sorting process manually either these votes gathered from inside or outside Iraq. It is due to the foundation based on the Iraqi Constitution Articles No. 14, 20 and 38 regarding the desire of voter. The Board of Commissioners has decided to initiate the process of re-counting and sorting manually. It will be done under the order of Iraqi Supreme Court. The Iraqi Federal Court issued orders after receiving a complaint submitted by the IHEC (Independent High Electoral Commission). The complaint indicated that Iraqi citizens in the country and abroad have the rights to contribute to public affairs and their voice shouldn’t be wasted. The statement also pointed out that the managers of all electoral offices in entire provinces have collected complaints about their polling stations. The manual counting process will take place in the presence of representatives of UN, agents of candidates, and political members. But, the date and place not yet announced of a manual re-counting process.

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