Iraqi Security Situation Improving Day by Day

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: – The Iraqi security forces got back the control of the villages, Mansouriet Mountain in the east of Baquba, Novell and Pablan branches of Muqdadiyah in Diyala, with the help of popular crowd of battalions. At the same time a security ring made by the security forces around the 12 villages in the valley of Hamrin. The Iraqi security forces also librated the road which links between the city of Samarra and Jabber and took control completely of the area of Tikrit.

The Iraqi security forces managed these achievements with the help of crowded people and popular tribes in Anbar province. The security forces also cleared the area of Alkhsfah and controlled the entire administrative border of the region. A large number of terrorists have killed in this recent battle.

On Friday, Diyala provincial council security committee issued a statement that  we have raised the Iraqi flags on the police stations of Mansouriet Mountain villages. Sadiq al Husseini, the head of the committee said in a press statement that the security forces along with the popular tribal crowd enlightened the villages of Mansouriet Mountain in the east of Baquba. This area was in the control of Daash, but after a heavy battle with Iraqi security forces, Daash collapsed dramatically and escaped a number of elements to agricultural area. The security forces and the crowd people continues to search them.

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