The Iraqi Reconstruction Conference will be held on 12th Feb in Kuwait: Al-Jarallah

On Monday, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Kuwait, Khaled Al-Jarallah issued a statement that Kuwait will host International Conference and it will be conducted from 12th Feb to 14th Feb 2018, and it is dedicated for the Reconstruction of Iraq. He stressed that Kuwait is providing a significant amount of support for Iraq and it will not be stopped in the future. Al-Jarallah delivered his words during a press conference on the event of announcing the date of the conference regarding the reconstruction of Iraq. He added that Iraqi security and stability is essential in maintaining security and stability in Kuwait. He said that Kuwait has performed its remarkable role in getting humanitarian and moral support from Islamic and Arab countries in providing much better support for Iraq. Al-Jarallah pointed out that the government of Kuwait has started arrangements for the conference. It is important that Amir has declared his plan to host the event.

Amir has made contacts with Iraqi brothers and the World Bank in order to present a much clear picture in this important conference. This conference will include the development magnitude and contribution of private sector in the reconstruction process in Iraq. The Secretary-General of Iraqi Council of Ministers, Mehdi Alalak said that the conference shouldn’t be considered traditional. A number of investment opportunities will be announced during the conference. The Kuwaiti official said that the World Bank has been considered a major participant in the conference. The Bank will provide essential or required guarantees for the private sector in Iraq. He added that the World Bank demands guarantees for their investment and contribution in the reconstruction process in Iraq. The entire 1st day of the conference will be given to civil society organizations. The 2nd day of the conference will be devoted to the private sector. The 3rd day will be specific to announce the participation of countries.

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