Iraqi Prime Minister Announced the Entire Liberation of Mosul

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has declared Mosul victory and said that it was the major city where Islamic State (ISIS) group announced their self-made “Caliphate” 3 years ago, but it is now entirely liberated from militant groups. Some reports have indicated that fighting is still being reported in some areas in the Northern city on the Tigris River. Our sources have indicated that some militants are still in specific neighborhood and Iraqi security forces are experiencing heavy resistance from the militants of ISIS. It has been considered their last captured area. There is still critical situation because there are a number of civilians among them and some reports indicated that at least 2 thousand Iraqi civilians are still there. A source informed that families are returning to newly liberated areas after providing safety by the Iraqi security forces. These families are looking exhausted, tired, thirsty and hungry. They have experienced very severe conditions since last 9 months.

Iraqi Prime Minister Announced the Entire Liberation of MosulThe Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has arrived in Mosul after a final push in getting entire control of Mosul. He was dressed in military uniform and a black cap. He visited the liberated areas and congratulated Iraqi security forces by shaking hands with rows of Iraqi brave soldiers. The PM office has indicated that Iraqi armed forces are still discovering mines and explosives in the city deployed by the militants. The Iraqi Prime Minister said that now official work will be started to restore infrastructure and services in the liberated areas. He stressed the importance of providing normal life and security to returned residents of Mosul. The UNICEF in Iraq also posted a tweet and said that Children need special care at both inside the Mosul city and in nearby refugee camps. The Mosul operation was started in the month of October 2016 and now Iraqi security forces, Peshmerga fighters and militias have entirely liberated Mosul.

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