Iraqi PM Met with World Bank to Support Iraqi Private Sector

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi fatigued the importance in generating job opportunities in many sectors in order to take up the unemployment momentum. The strength of mind of Iraqi government is not to focus only on petroleum products, but we need to execute with new mechanisms to support the Iraqi private sector. The Iraqi Prime Minister met with the World Bank’s Regional Director Farid Belhaj and fatigued the importance of creating new jobs in a number of different private sectors to overcome the unemployment problem. He also added that we were relying only on oil products, but our new Iraqi government is also looking to support the private sector.

According to the information office of Iraqi Prime Minister, the Iraqi PM discussed in the meeting about the recent progress in order to reforms the financial and economic area to meet the current economic challenges. He further added that our economy faced a major downfall in global oil prices and discussed the current projects of the World Bank in Iraq, especially in Basra. He also added that we are creating new job opportunities in agriculture, livestock, housing and tourism sectors to manage the unemployment issue. The World Bank’s delegation also confirmed that they will provide assistance for Iraq in various sectors, but we need a high level of coordination with Iraqi government to execute them.

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