Iraqi Ministry of Planning announced inflation rate in the country

The Iraqi Ministry of Planning has announced that the annual inflation rate fell to 1.6%. The ministry issued a statement and said, “The stability of the overall record for the month of July in Iraq after maintaining the same level compared to last June reached 104.2% because of the increase and decrease in the sections of the basket”. The spokesman for the Ministry, Abdul Zahra Al-Hindawi said in a statement, “The core inflation index rose by {0.3%} from the previous month and decreased by {0.9%} compared with July last year”. He added that the annual inflation rate fell during the month of July of this year 2019 to 1.6% as compared with the month of July last year 2018, which reached 105.9%.

Iraqi Ministry of Planning announced inflation rate in the country

It is noteworthy that Rafidain Bank has also announced the granting of loans of maximum 100 million Iraqi dinars for employees and 50 million citizens to be for the purpose of buying housing units in residential investment projects in Baghdad and the provinces. The Bank said in a statement that the investment companies need to market their housing units and complexes, support and finance them should visit the general administration of the bank for the purpose of coordination, cooperation, providing necessary support and activating the national economy to solve the housing crisis. The statement also pointed out that the bank will identify other names of residential complexes in Baghdad and the provinces for the purpose of informing the citizen of apartments and in this light is granted loans to buy those housing units.

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