Iraqi House of Representatives Voted on Amended Budget & Approved 3 Laws

8th regular session of its 1st lawmaking term for the 4th lawmaking year took place and the Iraqi House of Representatives voted in this session on 2 laws and ended reading 3 laws. The session held under the Speaker of the Council Saleem Al-Jubouri in the presence of 180 deputies. A statement issued by the Information Department of the Iraqi House of Representatives that the Speaker Saleem Al-Jubouri decided to postpone considering the appeals submitted on the validity of the membership of some of the deputies and it need two-thirds presence of the members of the Council. The House of Representatives voted in consensus with the statement on the draft law on the endorsement of the documents of the Bucharest Conference for the year 2004 connected to the Universal Postal Convention forwarded by the committees of foreign relations & services and reconstruction & finance for the purpose for the improvement in the cooperation for the regulation of postal transport.

Iraqi House of Representatives Voted on Amended Budget & Approved 3 LawsThe House of Representatives has approved the draft law regarding the freedom of expression. This draft law was submitted by the human rights, legal committees from defense, security, culture, endowments, media and religious affairs. Al-Jubouri instructed the concerned committees to speed up the development of draft law and it must be ready for voting at the next session. The House of Representatives also finalized the 1st reading of the supposed amendment in the 1st law of the general amnesty law No. 27 of 2016 filed by the Legal Committee regarding issues appeared in the implementation of the law in the courts and the presence of a large number of cases. It needs the annexation of general amnesty related to the abandonment and similar names of those added in the amnesty law for the year 2008. The House of Representatives also ended the vote on the amended draft federal budget law for the financial year 2017 and it was presented by the Iraqi Finance Committee on Economy & Investment. The amended draft law was presented to manage the shortage in salaries of state employees and other essential requirements. The House added 2 billion Iraqi dinars in the amended budget for the Ministry of Water Resources to overcome water issues and severe water crisis in the Babylon province.

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