Iraqi Government Should Appoint Honest Persons to Implement Reform Package

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– A famous economist and member of Baghdad forum, Amer Jeweler issued a statement that reform package needs accurate effectiveness and major steps for implementation in order to get considerable and perfect results. It would also reflect positive and instant impact on Iraqi citizens to secure their future. The Iraqi government should not depend on the previous teams and form honest special teams because previous teams can cause delay in the reform process which could harm the overall efficiency of reform package. The team member should be chosen according to their honesty and their past relations with the country in order to produce most perfect and accurate output.

He also said in an interview that we have advised to the Iraqi Prime Minister to depend on honest persons having years of experience and those who are well committed to implement reform package to secure future of Iraqi people and Iraqi economy. Most of the economists predicted that implementing reform package is considered as a greater challenge and responsibility, so Iraqi government should get results by taking serious steps with forming a new task force. Iraqi people are still waiting for a real change in their country and they are considering that this new reform package would provide an ease in their socially and economically.

It is also said that most of reports sent to Iraqi Prime Minister by agencies and ministries mentioned about involvement of the Iraqi Politicians and a number of members within Iraqi ministries. The Iraqi Prime Minister has taken a bold step to stop and eliminate corruption from Iraqi establishment regardless the party position. The Iraqi PM Haider Al Abadi invited experts and organizations to show their expertise in order to implement reform package to eliminate corruption from Iraq. This target can’t be achieved without an effective national campaign, and Iraqi people should be aware about this package and all Iraqi people must participate in this restructuring process. Point to be noted that Iran has recently warned the Iraqi government not to implement reform process especially as news were circulated that former Iraqi Prime Minister Noori Al Maliki will be charged for corruption in his 8 year ruling  period. Iranian authorities warned the Iraqi government that it would reflect a negative impact on relations between both countries.

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