The Iraqi government has decided to form a commission

Parliamentary economics committee members on Saturday discussed some of the concepts like “Where did you get this, Who has allowed the financial advisors to disclose the financial corruption in the government institute, the point was raised as well that, government has now thinking to take package pertaining to the integrity and transparency, economists felt that the application of the law, which will help the government to avoid and take the hard measures to control this all.

The government has decided to form a commission, which will try to find out the causes of the disclose of the information. Parliamentary representative Najeeb said in an interview that disclose of the financial accounts is a part of concept, and along with this, many of the responsible have been brought to spend after the disclosure of their financial interests. That’s the reason, an expert in the field of Economics spokesman Anton “Long”, that, “The concept of where did you get”, is the requirement of the current time because of the spread of administrative and financial corruption dramatically, and we want to know that where are the state funds, and where they are going”.

He also pointed out that “there is a great cultural awareness in all around the world in order to get the control of the regulatory agencies, follow up on cases of corruption and search for them. It is said that most of the countries in the world where the law applies to you and this is the law, which is operated by most of the Arab countries like Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, and others.

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