Iraqi Government Committed on Agreement with Kurdistan Region

A spokesman of Iraqi government said that we are much committed on our signed agreement with the Kurdistan regional government. This statement issued after increasing allegations from the Kurdistan region, which showing the reasons about the federal government regarding delaying payment of shares of April for the Kurdistan region.

On Monday, Saad Al Hadithi has denied reports that decision of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi cut the 35 percent of share volume of the budget for the Kurdistan region. Mstaila said how the Iraqi Prime Minister could break through the legislature issued by the House of Representatives. Point to be noted that shares budget bill for the Kurdistan region passed by the House of Representatives, which bounds the Iraqi federal government. There is not any legal authority for the Iraqi Prime Minister to change such kind of law passed by the House of Representatives. But, the new issued statement by a spokesman of the federal government that the Iraqi government is fully committed regarding the oil agreement that were signed with the Kurdistan regional government.

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