Iraqi Frozen Funds in Swiss Bank & its Importance: Economic Expert

A famous economic expert Antoine issued a statement regarding the presence of Iraqi funds in the hands of families linked to the regime of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Those funds were deposited in various countries and those secret funds have been discovered by finding their finger prints or eye recognition. He also pointed out on the importance for releasing frozen funds in various Swiss banks. Antoine further added that those figures and symbols are pointing to the former regime task. Those elements had deposited a large amount of cash in different Swiss banks and in a number of banks in various other countries. They are collecting or depositing funds using fingerprint or using other biometric system such as eye or voice recognition.

Iraqi Frozen Funds in Swiss Bank & its Importance: Economic ExpertHe also explained that most of those elements have been died or killed in war. It might be possible that they have been killed due to their relationship with Saddam Hussein regime. Antoine further added that there are a huge amount of Iraqi funds in various Swiss banks and those frozen assets should be released & returned to Iraq. He stressed the importance of those frozen funds and said that those funds are essential to contribute in the Iraqi economy. The amount can be used to pay off debt or to continue projects in the country. The Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari met with his Swiss counterpart Didier Burkhaltr on last Tuesday. The Iraqi Foreign Minister stressed the need to launch Iraqi frozen funds in the Swiss banks estimated at 1 billion U.S dollars.

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