Iraqi Dinar Experts Opinions 16-9-2013

Iraqi Dinar Experts Opinions 16-9-2013

Iraqi Dinar Experts Opinions 16-9-2013…
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16-9-2013 Iraqi Dinar News Expert Tony: You need to ask someone who is authorized, whether you can take a picture of that specific place or not, if permitted, you should then take pictures without any fear. Normally pictures are not allowed in the military areas and of Saddam’s palace. (Part 2 of 2)

16-9-2013 Iraqi Dinar News Expert Tony: You must be careful while taking a picture in Iraq. As Iraq is in the war for a large number of years many officials from army, police and from many other security agencies keep close eyes on suspicious activities on foreigners. (Part 1 of 2)

16-9-2013 T123 Expert Justin Steave: Can we take photos freely in Iraq?

16-9-2013 TD Expert Jake: Iraq has world’s worst collection of drivers. You may have seen the worst driving habits in India and other Asian countries, but you will forget about them once you experienced the Iraqi driver. They will overtake you with as much little place as a length of a car. You will not be able to find the way if you don’t have the big horn. You need to be calm and drive slowly not more than 100km/h.

16-9-2013 TD Expert Edward: How to drive in Iraq?

16-9-2013 Iraqi Dinar News Expert Tony: The sanitation system in Iraq is so poor. The piles of garbage can be found even in the capital city of Iraq. Walking through those garbage piles is the routine of the children. The household garbage is thrown in the open fields that cause the several dangerous diseases. Bug bite is the common problem at night in Iraq. A large amount of Iraqi currency is required to improve this system.

16-9-2013 T123 Expert Justin Steave: What about the sanitation system in Iraq?

16-9-2013 IDD Expert Colin: The Kurdish loves American for a long period of time and they don’t hate them. They are surprisingly friendly, loving and sincere to the Americans. They consider the Kurdistan as the separate region of Iraq and have their own stamp. (Part 2 of 2)

16-9-2013 IDD Expert Colin: Most of the Iraqi hate Americans due to the attacks but still you can visit the northern Iraq as it is surprisingly peaceful for Americans. The Northern Iraq is known as Iraqi Kurdistan. (Part 1 of 2)

16-9-2013 TD Expert Edward: Should I visit Iraq if I am from America? You know that the Iraqi people hate Americans, what you say?

16-9-2013 ID info Expert Basil: Yes, normally Iraq has hot atmosphere in the country but there are some regions which are colder than you could imagine. Ohio and Kentucky are surprisingly cold regions of Iraq. Winter starts from September and severe like December, therefore you need to wear a complete dress and eat salty snacks and more and more water if you are visiting the hot region of Iraq. Wear warm clothes and take coffee when you visit cold places in Iraq.

16-9-2013 IDD Expert Colin: Usually it is considered that Iraq has severe hot climate if it so what we need to do to stay safe?

16-9-2013 T123 Expert Justin Steave: Yes, I experienced it while I visited Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan in 2011. Indeed it was a wonderful scene that cannot be described in the words. It looks like a red cloud coming towards and stop the whole life from where it passes. You will have to find a proper shelter to escape from the sand storm if you ever face it.

16-9-2013 IDD Expert Colin: It is not completely true that check posts are stricter towards foreigners only. Due to security threats and poor security situations in Iraq, Kurdish security forces are more alert than ever before to avoid any kind of unwanted event. You will never face any kind of inconvenient situation in Iraqi Kurdistan if you have your complete travel documents with you.

16-9-2013 ID info Expert Basil: It is said that foreigners have to face the strict check posts in Iraqi Kurdistan, is that true?

16-9-2013 IDD Expert Colin: There are two ways of exchanging international currency with Iraqi Dinar: the first method is to exchange your money from the local banks and the other is to exchange your money with the local vender in the streets. It is strange to say that they have better rates than that of the local banks in Iraqi Kurdistan. I found no problem in counting my Iraqi Dinars openly in the street with any fear.

16-9-2013 ID info Expert Basil: What about exchanging money in Iraqi Kurdistan?

16-9-2013 TD Expert Jake: Yes, you can use it if it is in action. When I visit Iraqi Kurdistan, I found an ATM with the option of the master visa card but it was out of order. These machines operate efficiently on a local basis. Therefore, you need to bring enough money for your essential use. This is because the banking system of Iraqi Kurdistan is not much advanced to support you according to marks.

16-9-2013 Iraqi Dinar News Expert Tony: Can I use my visa card to withdraw cash from an ATM in Iraqi Kurdistan?

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