Iraqi Dinar Experts Opinions 11-9-2013

Iraqi Dinar Experts Opinions 11-9-2013

Iraqi Dinar Experts Opinions 11-9-2013…

11-9-2013 IDD Expert Colin: I don’t vote for American attack on the Assad’s administration as peace is the best option for all the problems of the world. If the chemical attack was committed by the Assad Administration on its citizen and if the world ignore this issue, so it will become a custom for the dictators of the world, who will never see anything before killing their innocent citizens in any miner dispute between government and civilians.

11-9-2013 IDD Expert Jeff: Do you vote for an attack on Syria?

11-9-2013 TD Expert Edward: These are all wrong allegations from Assad’s administration or the group of the government that want to hide their cruel act of killing innocent. I know they say that chemical attack was done by the rebels themselves to attract the attention of the foreign forces to get involved in the Syria civil war.

11-9-2013 IDD Expert Colin: Some people say that Saudi Arabia is responsible for the chemical attack in Syria, what about them?

11-9-2013 IDD Expert Jeff: It is unjust for a person of a country to support a cruel country that’s killing his citizens including innocent children with dangerous chemical weapons. Saudi Arabia is insisting on the point that if Syria used chemical weapon against his citizens, so he will have to bare the results. Saudi Arabia is not ready to support a wrong person or a country.

11-9-2013 IDD Expert Terrence: So why Saudi Arabia did not oppose the American attack on Syria like other Muslim countries?

11-9-2013 ID info Expert Basil: It may or may not. America has strategic relations with Saudi Arabia and also big trade partner, and they have many other mutual interests but it is difficult to say that Saudi Arabia is interested in the attack on Syria. If you only consider that Saudi Arabia wants to support Sunni Muslims, so what about the Iraq? Iraqi administration was Sunni, but Saudi Arabia did not support them. And you know what is going on with Iraqi economy, Iraqi currency etc.

11-9-2013 IDD Expert Colin: Is that Saudi Arab who is forcing America to attack Syria?

11-9-2013 Iraqi Dinar News Expert Tony: It is all media and internet reports that Saudi Arabia wants to destroy the Assad’s administration and a special task was given to the Saudi prince, Bandar. It is said that Bandar is the person who is promoting and supporting Syria civil war.

***The weapons are being transported to the Sunni rebels against the Shia administration by the Saudi Prince Bandar, according to the reports.

11-9-2013 ID info Expert Basil: It is said that Saudi Arabia is behind the civil in Syria, what you say?

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