11-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar ID Investor Eric: What is the ground water project started by UNESCO and EU in Iraq?

11-11-2013 IDD Expert Terrence: The UNESCO and European Union have started a new project for the management of the underground water in Iraq. For this purpose the final meeting was held in Baghdad between Iraq government officials and UNESCO and European Union representatives. The project length is 30 months and it will enhance the capacity and efficiency of underground water.

11-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar Expert IDD Colin: Who will monitor that project in Iraq?

11-11-2013 IDD Expert Terrence: There are many stakeholders for this project and numbers of ministries are involved in this project started by UNESCO and European Union in Iraq. The official meeting was held in the capital city of Iraq with minister of water resources of Iraq. The other ministries that are officially involved in this project are agriculture and water resources ministry of Kurdistan regional government. For the planning, the ministry of planning is also a strong stack holder along with the ministry of science of Iraq.

11-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar Expert IDI Basil: What is the purpose assisting this project along with designing a better ground water system?

11-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar DG Guru: Of course, the purpose of this project is to design a better ground water system in Iraq that will be launched after the approval of water and power ministry, the agriculture ministry and the ministry of science in Iraq. The second and the most important element is to show the people of Iraq that UNESCO and European Union is with them in all the crisis and in the development.

11-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar Expert IDI Basil: Will this project assist to enhance the water in Iraq or for sanitation purpose?

11-11-2013  Iraqi Dinar Expert TD Edward: I understood your point, according to you Iraq is facing a severe water shortage situation so how this project will help them to fulfill the deficiency? According to this project, numbers of new plant have been erected to fulfill the deficiency of water to the household uses. Baghdad is the city that is facing shortage of water more than any other city of Iraq and the people are forced to drink even river water to be alive. The purpose of this project is to cover these kinds of issues in the country.

11-11-2013  Iraqi Dinar Expert TD Edward: What are the other demerits for the shortage of water in Iraq?

11-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar Expert IDI Basil: According to a report more than 20% people in Iraq are facing the worst environment for clean water and facing a severe shortage of the water. The other biggest demerit of this shortage is the lack of water for agricultural needs. Iraq is also facing the lack of food due to lack of water in the country because the water is not sufficient for growing crops and any other agriculture related product in the country. The agricultural industry is badly affected by the shortage of water in Iraq.

11-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar Expert IDD Colin: What are the major problems for fishing industry of Iraq?

11-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar ID Investor Eric: As far as my opinion is concerned, the major problem for fishing industry of Iraq is the negligence. For a number of years, the fishing industry of Iraq remained neglected by the government of Iraq, therefore the other issues like the low cost of product, lack of and costly transportation, shortage of water, low quality of feed and a number of other diseases in the ponds of the fishing industry. These are the major problems in the fishing industry of Iraq that destroyed this industry.

11-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar DG Guru: Did Iraq take any kind of measures to handle this situation and for the development of the fishing industry in Iraq?

11-11-2013 IDD Expert Terrence: Now the situation is different in Iraq for the fishing industry. The fishing industry is flourishing in the country very fast due to complete support and coordination of USAID program along with the United States of America. The USAID and agricultural industry of Iraq are working jointly for the development of this industry and therefore now Iraq is exporting fish in the global market.

11-11-2013  Iraqi Dinar Expert TD Edward: What is the Development and Spawning of Rare Fish project of Iraq?

11-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar Expert IDI Basil: Development and Spawning of Rare Fish project is started in Iraq with the coordination of the military of the United States for the development of the fishing industry in Iraq in 2007. Before this project the annual production of fish in the Iraq was only 2 million which not even sufficient for the local needs of the country. By this program the industry is not only fulfilling local needs but also exporting the fish in the international market.

11-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar Expert IDI Basil: It is said that Iraq was one of the greatest exporters of the agricultural products?

11-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar ID Investor Eric: It is admitted fact that Iraq was one of the greatest exporters of the agricultural products for a number of years but due to long negligence for this industry, it turned to the greatest importer of the agricultural products especially the wheat. For the long period of twenty years, the industry remained neglected by the dictator administration. This industry was neglected due to the conflict between Iraq and Kurdistan regional government.

11-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar Expert IDI Basil: According to the recent reports, again Iraq has become self-sufficient in the wheat, do you agree with the statement?

11-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar Expert IDD Colin: We cannot say that Iraq has become self-sufficient in the production of wheat and in any other agricultural product. You will be understood by the fact that Iraq had to import 50,000 metric ton wheat from the different countries of the world. It will take a longer period of time for the Iraq to become self-sufficient in the agricultural industry.

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