08-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar DG Guru: What about the new bonds issued by Gulf Keystone Petroleum?

08-11-2013 IDD Expert Terrence: This is the second time in the thirteen months that Gulf Keystone Petroleum has issues convertible bonds. The bonds have been issued at the principal value of $50 million. Before this in 2012, bonds were issued by the company with the principal value of 275,000,000. These bonds along with newer will be converted in 2017 and some source say that the new bonds will be converted after the final decision of the board of directors.

08-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar Expert IDI Basil: What do you know about interim management statement of Genel Energy?

08-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar Expert IDD Colin: The interim report has been issued for the four month period. The company announces its final report for the financial statements every 15th of the January. We have not seen any major change in the interim report because the report shows the previous figures in the interim report. The revenue figure which is shown in the report is $300-400 million dollars.

08-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar Expert T123 Justin Steave: What is the purpose of club event in the Iraq?

08-11-2013 IDD Expert Terrence: The club event is organized, run and discussed by the people of business professionals in the country. This is one of the greatest business forums of Iraq where professionals and the high profile businessmen gather and share their experience with the others. Most of the small and medium size business owners share their problems with the professionals to find out a possible way.

08-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar Expert IDD Colin: How to participate in the club event in Iraq?

08-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar DG Guru: The club event held in the different countries of the world every year. You have to secure your position for club event by following some strict rules for participation in the club event. You will have to show your profile and the purpose of joining the event club. The event is going to hold in Dubai next week. The event is always helpful for the new comers in the business and also for the existing businesses with some technical or managerial problems.

08-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar ID Investor Eric: Afren is flourishing in the Iraq and global market with the every passing day, do you agree with the statement?

08-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar Expert IDD Colin: There is no doubt in the statement that Afren is flourishing in the local and international market with every single passing day and we have seen an increase in the value of the shares by 4% in the last five days in the Iraq stock exchange. The sales of crude oil in the market by Afren are reporting up to 2000 barrels per day from the Barda Rash Oil Company in the local market. The previous sales of the company were 1300 barrels per day.

08-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar Expert IDI Basil: How many F-16 jets Iraq is going to purchase from the United States of America?

08-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar ID Investor Eric: The United States has signed a contract with the government of Iraq to deliver 36 F-16 jets and the contract will be finalized by December 2014, next year. However 18 F-16 jets have been delivered to the ministry of defense by the United States in the following month. For this purpose, Iraq has paid $650 million dollars as a process of the installment. Iraq is spending huge amounts to ensure the peace in the country.

08-11-2013  Iraqi Dinar Expert TD Edward: What is the role of UNIDO’s IPI project in the business development of Iraq?

08-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar ID Investor Eric: UNIDO’s and IPI is the small and medium business development projects started with the coordination and support of chamber of commerce of Nasiriya. This program helps and trains the small and medium size business owners in Iraq. There are many success stories related to this training and support center. The most recent story that is being quoted in different business news is the story of a young businessman named Anwar.

08-11-2013 IDD Expert Terrence: What about the meeting between Bosnia and Kurdistan in Erbil?

08-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar Expert IDI Basil: The minister of Bosnia meets with the foreign affairs minister of Kurdistan regional government to discuss the mutual interest in the related industries. The delegation consisted of the major companies of Bosnia that showed keen interest in the energy, oil and gas industries. The different investors from Bosnia were keenly interested in the energy sector of Kurdistan which is in the crisis these days.

08-11-2013  Iraqi Dinar Expert TD Edward: We are reading a lot about the Downtown Erbil project for a number of days what is the story behind it?

08-11-2013 Iraqi Dinar Expert T123 Justin Steave: Kurdistan is trying to make Erbil a standardized tourist place of the world by 2014. For this purpose the downtown project has been started by the Kurdistan regional government with the estimated cost of 3 billion dollars. A small city will be constructed in the Erbil with all of the latest facilities as the international standards and 133 acre area is specified for this project.

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