Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rates are Getting Better Locally and Internationally: The CBI

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: – The Central Bank of Iraq announced its sales price of U.S dollar against the Iraqi dinar. On Tuesday, a slight decline reported for U.S dollar where it dropped 7 cents against the Iraqi dinar and it was 1168.24 IQD/ USD. The foreign exchange rate on Monday was 1175.20 IQD/ USD. We haven’t seen a major change on Wednesday, and the exchange rate recorded at 1170.86 IQD/ USD with almost rise of 2 cents. On Thursday, the foreign exchange rate was 1168.88 IQD/ USD.

Most of the dinar gurus and experts predicted that exchange would be much better in near future because the Central Bank of Iraq is working very hard to stabilize the Iraqi dinar currency. For the purpose, the CBI is taking a number of steps to handle this issue.

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