Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate to be Stabilized in Investing Stock Markets by Iraqi Citizens

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– A famous financial & global stock expert Osama Mehmood said that Iraqi economy need to reduce the financial crisis effects by implementing new measures and mechanisms, but it would be adopted at the next stage in finding solutions. He added in his press interview that there are a number of supposed solutions and one of the best solutions in the current economic and financial crisis is considered to focus on the stock market. There are two major ways, the Government sector and Private sector. The government sector would explore various perfect solutions to participate in lessening the financial crisis by trading in the Iraqi dinar. The massive amount of Iraqi dinar currency involvement in the Iraqi stock market would decrease the drafts and prevent the black market.

He further added that first step would also stop the fluctuation in the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against most of the major international currencies, especially against the U.S dollar. It would provide a much better strength and energy to Iraqi economy by empowering the Iraqi local currency in the international market. He added that it would give a handsome support to the Iraqi citizens by offering reasonable prices of food and most essential goods. The second solution will be provided by the stock market to common Iraqi people from savings by the Iraqi citizens and it is considered the second source of income by investing in the stock markets in order to get financial benefits. It would help Iraqi people for the betterment in their financial condition because common people need reasonable and constant prices. This process can provide economic stability by stabilizing the Iraqi dinar exchange rate in the Iraqi domestic markets.

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