Iraqi Dinar Dashed Over 50K Malaysia’s Dreams

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– It is reported that more than 50 thousand Malaysians had dreams in their minds to become an overnight millionaires because of circulated sophisticated scam of Iraqi dinar currency. A report indicated that most of them have lost RM 500 to RM 20,000 for exaggerated amounts for Iraqi dinar currency after considering that a heavy profit would be the output due to the improvement in the Iraqi currency value. Most of them waited for more than 11 years for this unsuccessful fictional stroke of luck. It is also reported that 25,000 Iraqi dinar note was purchased against RM100 and they supposed that it would be more profitable after stabilizing the economic condition and security situation in Iraq, and then Iraqi currency will be revalued at its best level.

Najmi Mustafa, Assistant of the Assistant Director of Bukit Aman Commercial Crimes Department issued a statement that it was considered as a scheme of get-rich quicker. Najmi Mustafa further advised public to be careful to invest their money that originally looks too good for investment. He added that there are a number of rumors that are promising for a huge profit in a short amount of time. There are a lot of foreign investors that are being involved in the Iraqi dinar revaluation process. Most of the economic experts have predicted that Iraqi dinar currency would get back its lost value and this process is very near. So buying Iraqi dinar would be a wise decision for the people that are interested to invest in foreign currency.

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