Iraqi Central Bank has expanded its database of exchange rate and gold prices

The Iraqi Central Bank issued a statement on its website to explain that CBI has worked to expand the exchange rates and gold prices database. The statement said this rule contains the daily and monthly exchange rates of Iraqi dinar against other currencies. The CBI is also responsible to maintain the U.S dollars exchange rate and gold prices. The statement indicated the availability of reference to these measures by all beneficiaries without the need to request through paper correspondence. It includes researchers, scholars, and government institutions. The role of the judiciary and courts has its own importance. It helps to lessen the burden of correspondence and enhance awareness in the use of electronic data. The statement also clarified that the Statistics and Research Department of the Central Bank of Iraq will answer all inquiries about exchange rates.

Iraqi Central Bank has expanded its database of exchange rate and gold prices

It is noteworthy that the data of Iraqi Central Bank has shown an increase in the value of foreign currency sales in the auction took place on Thursday. CBI said in a statement that sales boosted to $ 152.45 million with an increase of $ 7.39 million, as compared to the Wednesday sales of $ 145.06 million. The data from the Central Bank says the exchange rate was 1190 Iraqi dinars per U.S dollar. The auction took place with the participation of 28 banks and a financial transfer company. The Iraqi Central Bank said the sales executed are the results of next Sunday. The statement also indicated that the total sales amounted to 175.41 million U.S dollars. It was also said that the volume of funds sold to enhance the bank balances abroad amounted to 151.97 million U.S dollars and the total cash sold amounted to 480 thousand U.S dollars.

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