New Budget to be Announced in a Couple of Days

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: – The Iraqi budget 2015 is now ready for implementation, on Thursday, a special session held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim Al Jubouri for voting on the budget 2015 and 259 members participated in this major event. After this session, Dr. Salim Al Jubouri issued a statement that Iraqi people were waiting for a long time, but now we are approving the Iraq budget 2015. He also pointed out the passion of the House of Representatives to approve the Iraqi budget. He also praised the participation of the Parliamentary Finance Committee to handle some serious problems which were flashed during the session of voting on the Iraqi budget. This final session on Iraqi budget was very successful, a number of meetings between the Finance Committee and Parliamentary bloc played an important role in the success of this session.

The House of Representatives and the Council voted on the budget. The council also voted on the budget of the Supreme Judicial Council for the year 2015. The Iraqi fiscal budget allocated the revenues of 94048364139 dinars. The revenues calculated by the export of Iraqi crude oil with the estimated average of 56 dollars per barrel and with the export of 3300000 barrels per day. Including 300000 barrels crude oil per day from the Kirkuk province and 250000 barrels crude oil per day from the Kurdistan region. The estimated amount for expenses in the Iraqi budget is 119585322783  dinars with a deficit of 25401235783 dinars.

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