Iraqi Budget Report Suspended

Iraqi BudgetIraqi Dinar 123 News :- The budget of the year 2014 has been a big issue in the country. The Minister of Finance re-presented the budget report to the council of Ministers to see the issues that were delaying the budget. It was reviewed and seen that the budget figures for the crude oil prices to be seen. Due to the delay in the budget the expenditure on the different things were troubled. The expenditures for the rest of the current year were also discussed as up till now the budget has not been released.

The Ministry of Finance and the Budget department needs to manage the different expenditures that are needed for the development and revenue departments. The budget report was suspended and once again a new budget report is being planned and very soon the ministers would be viewing it to make the changes and as it has been happening up till now in this year the budget might get approved. Once the approval is done the people of Iraq may see a new budget. The delay in the budget has caused several problems in the financial areas of the country. A proper budget would help the country enroute a better financial system.

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