Iraqi Budget 2020 finalized and ready for discussion during Next Week

The Iraqi government and Kurdistan regional government have reached an agreement. A special delegation is expected to visit Baghdad next week. The delegation will participate in the federal committee to finalize the draft budget law 2020. The Iraqi Finance Minister, Fuad Hussein informed reporters that it would be a part of the talks for the agreement between the Kurdistan regional government and the Iraqi government. Both sides have to do with the region’s share in the draft budget for the year 2020. It is noteworthy that revenues and expenses issues are critical in the region. Hussein said, “The first of particular importance to the question of oil province delivery. The two sides have reached an agreement that recognizes the Kurdistan region a day of 250 thousand barrels/day to SOMO”.

Iraqi Budget 2020 finalized and ready for discussion during Next Week

Hussein added that the delegation of the Kurdistan region will visit on Next Sunday again to Baghdad. A special committee formed to finalize the draft law on the general budget 2020. It includes a representative of the Kurdistan region and the committee will prepare the final draft budget law 2020 next Sunday and Monday. The draft will then be forwarded to Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi. The PM office will then send it to the House of Representatives for ratification. The Minister of Finance said regarding sending the salaries of the martyrs by Baghdad that fixing the salaries of martyrs and Anfal in the Kurdistan Region in the budget law is part of the agreement”.

The Iraqi Finance Committee has suggested that the General Budget of the State for 2020 will arrive in the House during next week. The Committee has indicated that the upcoming budget will differ significantly from the past year’s budgets. A member of the Committee, Sherwan Mirza said that the government is sending the 2020 budget to the Iraqi House of Representatives next week for discussion. He added that the next year’s budget seems different from the past year’s budgets because they will come in line with the requirements of the current situation and the demands from the demonstrators.

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