Iraqi Budget 2018 Reached in Iraqi Parliament for Voting

On Wednesday, a member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee, Majida Al-Tamimi issued a statement that the draft budget bill 2018 has arrived in the Iraqi House of Representatives. She also confirmed that 12.68% in the total amount of federal budget 2018 included for the Kurdistan Region. Al-Tamimi said in a press interview that the Presidency of the House of Representatives has received a copy of the draft budget law 2018 on Wednesday evening. She indicated that the Iraqi federal budget 2018 has been submitted with a significant amount of reduction in the financial deficit as compared to last year budget 2017. Member of the parliamentary finance committee said that after the recent increase in the oil prices, the federal budget for 2018 set the oil price at 46 U.S dollars per barrel. She pointed out that the budget 2018 has also allocated 12.68% in the Iraqi federal budget 2018 for the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Iraqi Budget 2018 Reached in Iraqi Parliament for VotingAl-Tamimi also indicated that there was news circulating in the media regarding more deduction in the salaries of state employees, but it wasn’t correct. She stressed that the upcoming Iraqi federal budget 2018 includes the same deduction of 3.8 U.S dollars as last year included in the Iraqi federal budget 2017 regarding the deduction in the salaries of employees. It is important that the Speaker of Iraqi House of Representatives Saleem Al-Jubouri said earlier on Wednesday that the arrival of the Iraqi financial budget 2018 will take place during the next week. He also said that a special meeting will be announced after receiving the draft bill law 2018. The members of the Iraqi House of Representatives will participate in this special meeting for reading and vote on it. Now, the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament has received the draft bill and Iraqi people are waiting for its approval and implementation in the country.

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