Iraqi Banking Sector to Adopt Effective Policies in the Management of Fluidity

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– A famous banking expert Muhammad Ali Jaber stressed that Iraqi banking management should focus in providing best services to the people with high and smooth level to companies and individuals. He said in a press interview that banking sector can perform an important role in the economic development in the country. They should provide necessary fluidity for the investment projects and it also needs perfect banking management regarding the fluidity to overcome the financial crisis in the country. He added that banks should speed up their work according to law and ensure the guarantee for their deposits. He stressed the importance in the management of the commercial banks.

Jaber said that management of the commercial banks to be aware the available cash in order to maintain the essential fluidity management provided from the funds of the bank. He said that senior banking management must adopt specific policies for daily fluidity management to meet the objectives in the establishment section; it would provide a clear picture of the circulation of assets and funds. He stressed that Iraqi economy needs the accurate regulations for all banking sector. He pointed out that there are a number of international banks adopting modern and sophisticated technology for payment and collection of money. The Iraqi government and Central Bank of Iraq are working very hard to stabilize and maintain Iraqi economy. The Iraqi government and CBI have taken major steps such as electronic payment system to boost up Iraqi banking sector. It would also support Iraqi financial institutions in a much better way.

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