Iraq would Cover Budget Deficit till July 2015: Muhammad Saleh

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: – On Thursday, the Economic Advisor to the Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Saleh issued a statement that it is expected that Iraqi budget 2015 would achieve its targets till the month of July 2015. He also added that Iraq is not going to bankrupt as it was expected most hopeless budget. Muhammad Saleh further said in his statement that Iraqi economic liquidity is still unfair, although Iraqi economy is experiencing problems and the Iraq is still not able to manage the financial allocations to the institutions in all the states.

Muhammad Saleh said that the downfall in the global oil prices reflected negative impact not only on the Iraqi economy but a large number of countries suffered by this sudden change. He further added that cash is not only the concept, a number of institutions involved for the allocation and distribution of Iraqi wealth facilities among the ministries and institutions from all the states. Most of the economists have predicted about the reduction of the Iraqi budget till the end of 2015. The budget deficit problem and the major decline in the global oil prices created more troubles for Iraq and its economy.

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