Iraq will Get Senior Position in the World Meteorological Organization

The Iraqi Transport Ministry has announced that the Ministry has received a letter sent by the World Meteorological Organization including a notification to lift the ban on Iraqi membership in the organization. It would give the right to Iraq for the nomination at senior position in the organization. The Transport Ministry of Iraq issued a statement that the commission has received a message from the permanent representative of Iraq Taher Hussein (Assistant Director General of Organization) including a decision for the restoration of full Iraqi membership in the organization. Iraq will be able to get the right to vote nomination and elections for the membership of the functional commission in the General Secretariat and Executive Council of the Organization. He pointed out that this great success took place after bounce back series and great exertion by the Director General Ali and his assistant Taher Hussein. He added that continuous contracts with the secretary general would give a chance to Iraq in arranging the financial situation for paying the massed debt of the last 10 years.

Iraq will Get Senior Position in the World Meteorological OrganizationThe Iraqi Transport Minister also admired this great success and an important step for the progress and prosperity of the Meteorological Authority. There is another good news that Iraqi delegation met with the representatives of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in order to discuss the spring meetings. The Finance Ministry of Iraq said that the delegation had shown its willingness with the representative of the IMF for the Middle East & East Asia, Christian nut. The Iraqi delegation including the financial advisor to the Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Saleh, a number of officials from Iraqi Finance and Electricity Ministry and Iraqi ambassador in Washington Mustafa Fareed were agreed to complete meetings and joint cooperation to overcome financial and economic crisis in the country.

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