Iraq will get 3 Billion U.S Dollars from International Funding: Muhammad Saleh

The adviser of Financial Affairs to the Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Saleh issued a statement that Iraq can obtain 3 billion U.S dollars from International funding sources. He added in his statement that it will be based on the Iraqi general budget of the Federal Act 2017. Point to be noted that there are a number of different external funding sources in order to get expected international loans from various sources. It might reach at more than 3 billion U.S dollars in the current year and this amount will be received from the IMF, the World Bank, from some EU countries and Group 7 from 7 industrialized countries. He stressed that the international financial communities understand the condition in Iraq and they have shown their massive support for Iraq as the country has been experiencing great financial crisis. It is important that handsome victories in the war against terrorism would create much better environment in the country.

Iraq will get 3 Billion U.S Dollars from International Funding: Muhammad SalehA member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Economic & Investment Committee, Najiba Najib issued a statement that the debt of Iraq is still at 107 billion U.S dollars. She pointed out that at least half of the debt belongs to the former regime before 2003 Government. She added that Iraqi debt will be reached at 107 billion U.S dollars after borrowing new loans. She further added that half of the amount is regarding the former government before 2003. She indicated that these debts include international claims from Kuwait against Iraq including the judicial claims. The other half of the debts are divided into the 1st two internal loans linked to the treasury bonds and CBI reserves. She added that other loan is linked to the World Bank, Japan and the United States. Najib also pointed out that these debts will be repaid in the form of premiums within the annual payments of Iraqi federal budget.

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