Iraq Should Not Wait For The Formation of New Parliament to Approve Budget: Mass Hakim

Iraqi NewsIraqi Dinar 123 News:– Mass Hakim warned government of Iraq for the delay in annual budget. He said in his statement that Iraq need not to wait for the formation of new parliament for approval of annual budget of Iraq. They need to approve budget and not wait more because things are becoming worst with every passing day in the country. He considers capital flight as alarming situation for Iraq and its economy and emphasized to control it as soon as possible.

Numbers of running projects need quick release of funds for Iraq finance ministry but funds are not available due to delay in annual budget. Therefore most of international companies have stopped working on these projects. Furthermore, he said that government needs to make a committee to discuss and approve Iraq budget if parliament committee is not fully functional due to some legal restrictions. He said that Iraq will have to face huge loss if it delays budget more than this. He also quoted Kurdistan regional government printing its own currency by excuse that they need funds but Iraq is unable to approve budget in the reasonable time. It is one of the biggest steps towards separation that will not be bearable.

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