Iraq to bring a Resolution in the U.N Security Council against ISIS & Daesh Organization

The ISIS has claimed a terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain on Thursday. It caused at least 13 people died and dozens of other people injured coincided with a new effort to bring the terrorist group to justice for crimes committed against humanity in Iraq. The draft resolution was sponsored by Great Britain and Iraq. It was circulated in the last 24 hours among the 15-member Security Council following a letter forwarded to the U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres by the Iraqi foreign minister asking a considerable amount of support in the Iraqi efforts in bringing the ISIS terrorists to the justice. It will be regarding the crimes committed by Daesh organization and other terrorist groups against Iraqi civilians, including the destruction of archeological sites and infrastructure in Iraq has been considered crimes against humanity. The Iraqi foreign minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari pointed out ISIS (famous as Daesh organization) in the letter. It makes it more important to bring those elements from Daesh organization to the justice according to Iraqi constitution.

Iraq to bring a Resolution in the U.N Security Council against ISIS & Daesh OrganizationA diplomat from the U.N Security Council informed Fox News that they are collecting and securing evidence in order to ensure that the crimes are properly documented and can be then prosecuted later. Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia also said that Russia will support it. Deputy U.N. Ambassador of Great Britain, Jonathan Allen said that he is hopeful about a vote might come soon. We are going to work with them and our allies in the Security Council will support in bringing forward a resolution. He stressed that we will not leave any hiding place, anywhere for Daesh terrorists. He added that Iraq will have full jurisdiction over the ISIS crimes; it might be possible that terrorists who have left still can be prosecuted in other countries. He also confirmed that the major objective of collecting and preserving the evidence will provide a solid ground, so it can be accepted in the foreign jurisdictions.

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