Iraq has Started Consultation with the IMF on Iraqi Budget 2018: Saleh

On Monday, the economic adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Saleh issued a press statement. He said that Iraqi government has started negotiations and consultations with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) regarding the implementation of Iraqi financial budget for the year 2018. Saleh said in his statement that there isn’t any kind of dispute between Iraq and the IMF, but there is just a difference in views. He pointed out that Iraqi officials have started consultations with the IMF regarding the Iraqi federal budget 2018. Saleh added that new features have been designed for Iraqi national economy and it will also be discussed during their meetings. It is important that the Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister has denied the alleged rejection from the International Monetary Fund on the Iraqi financial budget 2018. The statement referred to the development of the budget in such a way that doesn’t contravene with the conditions of IMF.

Iraq has Started Consultation with the IMF on Iraqi Budget 2018: SalehA famous economic expert Salam Samisem earlier said in a press interview that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) has declared its rejection on the current Iraqi financial budget 2018. The IMF said that Iraqi budget doesn’t comply with the signed agreement of conditions between Iraq and the IMF. The agreement allowed implementing a set of mentioned conditions, including termination of unnecessary jobs and adding more financial burden in the Iraqi fiscal budget 2018. Saleh pointed out that the IMF is looking at the future for Iraqi economy according to the financial revenues and spending volume. He also said that Iraqi budget is a national issue and the IMF hasn’t any relationship with Iraqi federal budget 2018. He added that budget 2018 is especially designed to maximize non-oil resources. Point to be noted that Iraqi House of Representatives approved the final draft of Iraqi federal budget for current year on 4th March 2018. The budget 2018 is estimated at more than 88.5 billion U.S dollars.

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