Iraq Sign Deal with Japan for the Development of Infrastructure

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: Iraq is doing its best to enhance the economic development of Iraq under the leadership of Noor Al Maliki the Prime Minister of Iraq. Iraq signed a new agreement with Japan for the development of infrastructure. In the Iraq Japan signed a dealbeginning United States of America wanted to sign this agreement with Iraq but Iraq administration was not ready to sign any agreement like this with the USA. Moreover, Japan won this agreement by lowest bid after following complete legal process for this contract.

In the first phase, Japanese company will have to construct three bridges by the July next year and the other development projects will be given to the company after the completion of this project. Iraq infrastructure and housing industry will monitor the whole contract and the new projects will be assigned according to the suggestions of this ministry. According to the initial reports, more than 20 projects will be given to Japanese company under this agreement. The estimated cost of these projects is 4.4 billion dollars that will be spent under the supervision of Prime Minister of Iraq. The economists believe that this contract will bring economic stability in the country.

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