Iraq Should Empower its Private Sector to Decrease Unemployment

A famous economist Ahmed Sabih said in an interview that production machinery weakness is considered a major cause in increasing level of poverty. Most of the needs of Iraqi people are completing by the imported goods and items from other countries, which means the internal production needs more improvement on its local production. It would also reduce the unemployment problem in Iraq. An expert said that Iraqi government should improve its economic development and decrease the imports to empower the productive sectors; it would decrease the unemployment and poverty ratios in Iraq.

The five-year plans have been prepared by the Ministry of Planning. If the speed of economic development doesn’t improve on a much better way, the poverty level would increase. The Iraqi private sector is only available for just the service and unproductive sector and it doesn’t meet the local needs of Iraq, which providing low labor rates and is also a major problem in increasing poverty and unemployment ratios. It is important that the key element for development is to decrease the imports and to support the private sector, and the government should support new private sector system.

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