Iraq released salaries for employees & officials in Kurdistan

The first plane has landed at Erbil International Airport after the decision of Al-Abadi to lift the ban. The Iraqi Prime Minister & Commander-in-chief of Iraqi Armed Forces Haider Al-Abadi issued an order to lift the ban and distribute salaries to all employees in the Kurdistan region. So, the Iraqi Finance Ministry announced the payment of salaries to all officials in the Kurdistan region. The salaries of employees amounted more than 317 billion Iraqi dinars. The decision came at the time when a Saudi passenger airplane landed at the Erbil International Airport. It was the first international flight arrived at Kurdish airport after lifting the ban ordered last week by the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi. On Monday, the Iraqi Finance Ministry announced the transfer of salaries for entire officials and Peshmerga in the Kurdistan region. The total amount of salaries to be distributed among Kurdistan officials is more than 317 billion Iraqi dinars.

Iraq and Kurdistan

The Governor of Iraqi Central Bank Ali Alalak forwarded a letter to the Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government regarding the transfer of 317.540.465 billion Iraqi dinars, including 281.724.634 billion to the employees in the Kurdistan region. Point to be noted that the Ministry of Peshmerga wasn’t included and they still need at least 35.815.831 billion Iraqi dinars. The ministry also indicated that the Kurdistan region still needs at least 590 billion Iraqi dinars in order to pay the salaries of employees saving system. It was also said that the amount transferred from the Iraqi federal government was handed over to the Finance Ministry in the Kurdistan Regional Government. The Ministry said that it will pay the salaries to ministries of health and education, including the families of martyrs and Anfal, political and financial prisoners and the Department of Nationality, and other ministries during next coming days.

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