Iraq has passed from the very dangerous time period

The Integrity body of Iraq revealed 10th August 2014, and discussed the refusal of some countries to cooperate with it to get back the money of Iraq, stopping the illegal imports, and remove the threats of the smugglers. It was also discussed that Iraq can get a lots of benefits by getting these funds from stopping the illegal imports and can get the benefit of these funds and then can invest these funds into the mega projects. The estimated amount, Iraq will get is more than trillion Iraqi dinars.

Nowadays, the major challenge for the Iraq is the phenomenon of Corruption; Iraq is facing these days. Second are the security issues for the Iraq. Government of Iraq is making its hard to improve the conditions day by day. Since the 2003, Iraq has passed from the very dangerous time periods, and there came a time, when this state was declared as a most corrupt state of the world. In this scenario, we can only take this opportunity to reach again on a stage, where other developed nations stand, and with some efforts, we can prove this. The TI made announcements that five Arab countries have got the first rank among the most corrupt counties in the world, these Arab countries include Sudan, Libya, Somalia, then Syria, and then Iraq. This list included the 177 countries.

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