Iraq needs 3-years exemption to implement U.S demands following sanctions on Iran

The Speaker of Iraqi House of Representatives, Mohammad Halboussi asked the United States grant Iraq another deadline prior it committing to impose sanctions against Iran. He said “Iraq needs at least 3 years and we will do what you want. Just give us a comprehensive deadline due to our country is currently unable to stop Iran’s energy supplies”. It is noteworthy that energy supplies from Iran fulfill at least 30% of Iraqi needs. On Saturday, the President of the House of Representatives made a visit to the United States Institute of Peace in Washington. He said during his speech that Iraq hopes to extend this exemption until Iraq can stand on its feet economically. It is due to the absence of Baghdad to dispense with the import of electricity from Tehran 3 years ago to achieve self-sufficiency in electricity generation. He said, “After these three years, we may see an economically independent Iraq and no longer need to import electricity from another country”.

Iraq needs 3-years exemption to implement U.S demands

Point to be noted that Washington extended another 3-month exemption to Iraq in December 2018. It allowed the country to import reliable electricity from Iran, in spite of the U.S sanctions imposed on Tehran. The Iraqi President Barham Salih also returned to Baghdad on Monday after active participation in the Arab League summit in Tunis. A statement issued from president’s office, “Saleh met on the sidelines of the summit with a number of kings and leaders of sister countries, as well as the UN Secretary-General and the EU’s foreign and security affairs official”. The statement added that the President of the Republic also addressed the speech of Iraq at the conference. He stressed the basic principle in Iraq’s international relations works together with all on the basis of common interests. He added that Iraq will not be a party to any axis, but will lead any effort works to consolidate peace and development in the region.

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