Iraq Minister of Electricity Will Be Questioned Next Weak

Iraq Minister of Electricity Will Be Questioned Next Weak

According to the Shafaq News, Iraq is suffering from electrify shortfall. The current electricity is not fulfilling the country`s requirements. Huge budget allocations have been done in previous Federal budgets, but the problem is still unresolved. The members of the Iraqi Parliament are planning to arrange a question – answer session with the Minister of Electricity and try to sort out the actual hurdles. The Parliamentary Oil and Energy commission revealed that the Electricity Minister Abdul Kareem will be questioned next week. As per the information gathered 30 questions have been prepared to get the issue unfolded.

Iraq has been a victim of electricity shortfall since 1990. The previous governments announced many projects of high value, but nothing had been done in this regard. Apparently this shortfall is due to many factors including old machinery, absence of future strategy and one- serious behavior of the previous governments.

As well as Iraq`s electricity needs are concerned, 20 thousand MW are required to make the country safe, sufficient while the total production is 10 thousand MW. According to the Electricity Ministry, Iraq will get 100 energy self-sufficiency by the end of 2013.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Energy Affairs of Iraq shared that Iraq will export electricity after reaching self-sufficiency. Hussain Shahristani faced a lot of music after that statement. The rates of the electricity have been increased recently. The current Iraqi government is willing to overcome this shortfall, but the challenge is huge.

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