Iraq to meet the target of 3 Million Barrel Oil per Day Export Soon; Adel Abdul Mehdi

The Iraqi oil ministry is working very hard to double their oil production which is expected more than 4 million barrel oil per day. After achieving this target, Iraq would be able to improve their export level, which is expected more than 3 million barrel oil per day, said by the Iraqi oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mehdi.  He further said, the total primary energy operations producing more than 17.5 million barrel oil per day.

The Syrian government announced to decrease about 4 percent price of gasoline. This is the second time in the last two months that the Syrian government has cut down the price. In the beginning of October, the price was at 140 pounds but at the end of November it came down from 140 to 135 pounds, and now it is 130 pounds. This decrease took place after the decline in Global oil prices

On Sunday, the Kuwait stock exchange closed with the rise in the index by 11 points to meet the level of 6546 points. But the major indexes fell from 15 to 2.3 and 9.26 consequently. Approximately, shares of 12.2 million Kuwaiti dinars were traded, and the total volumes of traded shares were about 145.8 million shares of 5126 deal at the closing.

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