Iraq market: more than two trillion dinars value

Iraq market: more than two trillion dinars value


Alsumaria News / Baghdad announced Iraqi market for securities, on Tuesday, that the value of shares traded for the current year amounted to more than two trillion dinars, pointing out that non-Iraqi investors are concentrated in certain sectors and not others. chief market Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam in an interview for “Alsumaria News , “

” The market indices of securities for the current year are positive signs, “he said, adding that” the market traded up to 12 December the current 867 billion shares financial value amounted to two trillion 2.8 trillion dinars. ” said Abdel-Salam said that “the number of shares listed in market share amounted to 4.5 trillion after increases in capital that occurred in 2013, while the total number of sessions organized by the market during this period 223 trading session during this period.

” He said Abdel-Salam said that “the month of June 2014 will see the the start of the electronic system of the new market, said after the market contract with NASDAQ OMX U.S., “pointing out that” the development will also include launching information and prices on the networks of the international media, in addition to the live broadcast of the launch by the market. ”

He Abdel-Salam said that “the movement of investors non-Iraqis in the market is positive in the escalation, but what is taken for them is the concentration in sectors without the other, “explaining that” the sectors most focused by non-Iraqi investors include banks, industrial companies and tourism without the other. ”

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi market for securities was established in in June 2004, and was approved by the manual trading, and in April 2009, adopted the electronic trading in part by some companies, and is trading electronically registered companies in which the year 2010, and traded in the market, 85 companies belonging to the seven sectors are banking, industrial, hotel, tourism , agricultural, investment, and insurance services.

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