Iraq Looking Ahead to Build Strong Ties With Emerging Economies

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The alliances and economic partnerships are looking to find ways to get out from recent crises. They are finding the reasons of economic failure and explore new paths for moving in the less powerful and more flexible markets with the collaboration of World Bank and International Monetary Fund. The Iraqi government is moving towards the detachment with the unsettled economic policies, and with saturated market’s crises. It would not contribute in the economic development in the country. There should be a much powerful platform with a new economic and financial system in order to build much better economic future in the country. The Iraqi government should solve the commercial, agricultural and banking problems and enhance its oil infrastructure to provide a much better future to Iraqi citizens. The Iraqi government should move with the partnerships of BRICS economic group in order to provide a much better economic system to the country.

This (BRICS economic group) organization has a number of tasks for strong economies including Brazil, China, India, Russia and South Africa in an active collaboration with Iran. The human population growth of these countries makes it possible to build a largest market environment in the world and to build an economic growth platform. Iraq is also looking to find much better ways to meet its economic and financial requirements. It is also important that ‘Brix’ group has the capital of more than 200 billion U.S dollars, in which 100 billion dollars capital reserved for the International Development and remaining 100 billion U.S dollars are their reserve cash funds. A number of group members have signed an agreement and the group will provide 10 billion U.S dollars to every state member in this group according to the agreement.

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