Iraq Leads in Exports

Iraqi NewsIraqi Dinar 123 News:РIt was seen recently and reported by the agencies that the Turkish exports fell by a huge percentage. The Turkish Economy Minister said that on Tuesday the country’s exports to Iraq went down by 35% since a year before that went from the 10th June to 20th July.

Iraqs export market is the highest in Turkey. There are several things that top to one billion dollars a month that come from Iraq in Turkey.

The high exports of Iraq are quite high in demand in Turkey. This has been a strong shock for the local Turkish market. People have started preferring Iraqi products over the local Turkish ones and the local products are being sold at lesser prices which have affected the exports badly.

The leading of Iraq in exports is very good for the economic structure of the country. The country that has been suffering a lot since decades and the security conditions has been bad. This has affected all the exports of the country and this is great news for the Iraqi leaders as well as the Iraqi public as this would boost the foreign remittances and investments. It might aide in the price of the Iraqi dinar.

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