Iraq Is Still Unable to Control the Security Situation

Iraq Is Still Unable to Control the Security Situation

The Prime Minister Maliki and his cabinet have left no stone unturned to control the terrorism in the country. With limited arm resources and equipment, circumstances are getting directed towards a civil war. The wave of terrorism has been affecting southern Iraq for the last three months. More than 2000 innocent Iraqis were killed in sectarian attacks. Car bombs, suicide attacks and target killings are being heard on a daily basis.

Maliki paid his first visit to the Kurdistan Region in 2010 when an Arab Agreement was done among the Shiite, Sunnis and Ethnic Kurds. The agreement was a power-sharing treaty to resolve the upcoming security threats. But since then PM Maliki had not visited KRG and the expected results of that treaty are still awaited.

According to the latest updates, Iraq is going to buy fighting helicopters from Russia. The agreement with Russia has been reshaped as that deal was actually made last year. After the identifications of corruption cases in the deal, the treaty was penalized for the time being, but after the mutual efforts of both governments the agreement is alive now.

Iraq Business News is reporting all the security updates for the convenience of the people.  There are many multinational oil companies and business communities who are willing to invest in Iraq, but the current security situation does not allow them to bring their workers and experts in Iraq. The last week security updates are very disappointing.

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