Iraq is not Looking an Economic Blockade on Kurdistan Region: Al-Jubouri

On Tuesday, the speaker of Iraqi Parliament said that Iraq is not looking to create any economic blockade on Kurdistan region. Salim Al-Jubouri said in a press statement at the parliament building that Iraqi government has taken a number of measures over Kurdistan after the referendum on independence from Iraq. He added that Baghdad is concerned to ensure for not affecting our Iraqi Kurdish people due to decision taken from Baghdad. He said that there will not be any financial blockade on Kurdistan region. On Tuesday, the Iraqi parliament issued a combine decision regarding banning financial dealings with Kurdistan regional government due to massive votes in the favor of separation from Iraqi federal government. Baghdad Today also reported that Iraqi finance committee submitted the decision in the Iraqi parliament. The presidency of Iraqi parliament has planned to approach the Iraqi Federal Court to take essential steps against MPs who participated in the contentious polls took place on 25th September 2017.

Iraq is not Looking an Economic Blockade on Kurdistan Region: Al-JubouriPoint to be noted that Kurdish MPs had stopped participating in the sessions of Iraqi parliament in the month of September when the House voted against holding the referendum in the Kurdish region. But, some news indicated that some of those representatives have returned. The Kurdistan electoral commission had mentioned that polling results indicates 92% Kurdish voters supported independence. Baghdad strongly rejected referendum in the Kurdish region and indicated it as against Iraqi constitution. Iraqi federal government also said that Kurdish referendum results will not be considered for future negotiations regarding disputed issues with Kurdish regional government. It is important that Erbil and Baghdad have disputed self-determination over a number of provinces and oil revenue distribution from oil fields within Kurdistan region. Iraqi federal government has imposed a set of measures after referendum against Kurdistan. Baghdad assured that these sanctions will affect Kurdish officials instead of Kurdish citizens.

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