Iraq is looking to Gain International Credit Rating for Its Dominant Bonds

A press statement issued by the Iraqi Finance Ministry that a meeting was conducted by the Iraqi Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari along with his delegation in the presence of Sheikh Safa Deputy Adviser of Iraqi National Security in Turkey, to discuss with Fitch and Rodez credit rating International. Iraq is looking to get hold for an international credit rating in order to issue self-governing bonds for the improvement and increasing in development of the investment volume. This meeting held to obtain credit rating and measuring the financial and economic activities in Iraq during the current situation. The statement also pointed out that Iraq need help in getting financial support and to approach in the International capital markets and for issuing self-governing bonds in the interest of the Iraqi government.

On the other hand the International Monetary Fund has announced earlier in this month and agreed to help Iraqi development and planning worth 833 million U.S dollars in order to manage with its economic affects and to cover the Iraqi expense on war against terrorism and to eliminate the Daash and other militant groups and their organizations. It is also said that this plan will be approved in the month of July by the member of states. Iraq is looking to get a loan of 5 billion U.S dollars from International banks to cover its budget deficit.

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