Iraq is looking to establish Joint Economic Business with the World Bank

On Wednesday, the Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi met with the World Bank to establish joint economic work. The media office of Abdul Mahdi issued a statement that Iraqi Prime Minister met with the regional director for the Middle East of the World Bank, Saroj Kumar, and his delegation. Abdul Mahdi discussed the vision of the Iraqi government for the future of the Iraqi economy and plans to promote non-oil producing sectors and diversify sources of income and ways of cooperation in this sector. Iraqi Prime Minister mentioned to grain production, which is amounted at more than 5 million tons of wheat, rice, corn, and others. It was achieved during the current year and offset the imports of foreign wheat currently and provided thousands of jobs. The perfect measures from Iraqi government have boosted the chances of success of the agricultural sector and the growth of the Iraqi economy.

Iraq is looking to establish Joint Economic Business with the World Bank

He also stressed the importance of supporting investments producing income and supporting the Iraqi private sector through the International Development Agency, along with the contribution of the World Bank. The Iraqi Minister of Commerce Mohammed Hashim Al-Ani discussed ways to develop economic and trade relations between Iraq and America and exchange views on issues of mutual understanding. He met with the Minister Plenipotentiary for Economic Affairs at the U.S Embassy Patrick Dam.

The Minister pointed out the issue of Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization and the steps taken by Iraq to join the organization and the most important required files related to the process of accession in accordance with the requirements of the current stage. They also discussed the most important file memorandum of foreign trade policy for Iraq and a file of the preliminary presentation of goods and services and a plan file Legislative implementation and the intellectual property file. The Minister stressed the Iraqi government’s keenness to develop trade and economic relations with countries around the world.

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