Iraq is Improving its Negotiators Skills to Enter the World Trade Organization

On Tuesday, the Iraqi Trade Minister met with a U.S embassy delegation in Baghdad to discuss on the development process about the expertise of the Iraqi negotiators to join the World Trade Organization (WTO). The Trade Ministry issued a statement that the Director General of economic department and trade relations in the Ministry of Commerce Hashim Muhammad Hatem arranged a meeting today at the U.S Embassy in Baghdad with the Deputy Economic Counselor Stephen oil. They talked about relations between two countries and about the development and improvement of Trade and Economic at both sides.

Hatem further said in his press statement that we discussed during meeting to manage all concerning issues that are pushing back our work and progress of American companies operating in a number of Iraqi sectors. He further said that we should improve cooperation in the development process between Iraq and the United States in the phase of developing skills and expertise of Iraqi representatives in the World Trade Organization (WTO). He also stressed that we must set in motion the U.S companies to participate in the Baghdad International Fair session 42. It would also reflect a positive impact in activating the collaboration between two countries in the investment and trade sectors. The Deputy Economic Counselor of the U.S Embassy Steven oil showed his willingness for the participation in the Baghdad International Fair session 42 and promised to contact with the concerning authorities in order to take some measures and important steps to improve relations between both sides.

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