Iraq is at the stage of Development and Investment: Iraqi Planning Ministry

On Sunday, the Iraqi Minister of Planning Salman Jumaili issued a statement that Iraq is currently at the stage of development and investment. It is due to a significant amount of interest shown by various countries and international companies. They are interested in entering in the suitable investment environment of Iraq. It has shown a great achievement because Iraq is at the entrance of a new stage after defeating Islamic State and other terrorist groups. The brave Iraqi forces have liberated Mosul as it was considered the main stronghold area under the Islamic State militant group. Now, the Iraqi government has started reconstruction process in the liberated areas. He delivered his words during a meeting with a foreign delegation headed by the President of the American Chambers of Commerce and a number of traders, managers, and businessmen from various companies in the U.S capital Washington. They discussed on various major issues including handsome victories against terrorist groups and specific mechanisms to start the reconstruction process in the country.

Iraq is at the stage of Development and Investment: Iraqi Planning MinistryIt is important that reconstruction process in Iraq needs a handsome support from the international community and they will provide a handsome support for in order to meet the requirements for the reconstruction in the liberated areas. Jumaili further indicated that the Iraqi Planning Ministry has finalized the preparation of the plan for development and reconstruction in the most affected areas over the next 10 years. He pointed out that this specific plan is connected to the 5-year development plans in two phases (2018-2022) and (2023-2027). He added that the government of Iraq is much dedicated to facilitate the business environment in the country equivalent to the international business and investment environment to attract major international businesses and companies to enter the country. He stressed that Iraq represents a considerable amount of investment opportunity in the Middle East. The U.S companies, investors, and businessmen expressed their desire to invest in different areas and fields in the country.

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