“130? order of Iraq in Economic Strength Index

“130? order of Iraq in Economic Strength Index


Academics and objected Iraqi law makers on the results of the Institute,  English economic strength index for 142 countries and the granting of their 130 Center, stressing that «the living standards of their citizens is much better than the states awarded the Institute top calendars. He questioned the decision of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament economic expert, Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri healthy results of the British Institute, quoted by Al-Hayat newspaper that on the lookout for a continuous levels ofeconomic, at least in the Arab countries, and currently lives of the Iraqi individual economiclevels much higher than the states awarded Institute degree of global fewer than 100 .

He pointed out that «the Iraqi budget revenues better than good, both came from oil, Vantegna the second Arab world after Saudi Arabia, or from agriculture, as we produced 2 million tons of wheat this year, as the industry qualification process began, not to mention all kinds of tourism revenue.

He described the development in Iraq Balthabth and permanent improvements, and the evidence that the government pays the salaries of protection, including half a million Iraqis, in addition to five million people are paid from the state, and the rates of per capita income will rise from five thousand dollars a year to more than 7 thousand.

The experts pointed out that «the operational sector wages drains 80 percent of the annual budget, while allocate the remaining 20 percent of the investment sector, which constitutes the greatest burden faced by state». Up access rates on average to $ 500 per month, while the salary rates vary according to the functional class and sector, the highest military sector whereby the officer commanding a brigade of more than 5 million dinars a month (four thousand dollars).

It is note worthy that the budgets of federal Iraq was $ 30 billion in 2005, and exceeded 118 billion this year. Topped Norway List index of economic power, according to the index year for the welfare of prosperity annual, followed by Switzerland then Sweden, then Denmark, followed by Australia and Finland Finally, Luxembourg, while topped Arabia List of Arab countries and ranked 21 in the world.


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